How to make any orchid bloom: 2 effective ways

What you need for an orchid to bloom

An orchid is one of the most demanding indoor plants. It instantly reacts to drafts, high humidity and temperature fluctuations. Orchids bud several times a year, but the plant will bloom only under favourable conditions.

It is also important to adjust the lighting. Excess and lack of sunlight will negatively affect flowering. If you follow all the rules for caring for an orchid, but it does not bloom, try a few tips that OBOZREVATEL has picked up.

Watering regime

A radical but effective way that is suitable for monopodial orchids. Experts advise adjusting the watering regime by increasing the intervals. For example, if you have been watering your orchid every 4 days, start watering every 8. Try to check the roots and the substrate, they should be well dried.

If you are spraying the leaves and roots, stop doing so. In the wild, orchids can also survive dry periods. Avoid fertilisers, biostimulants and hot showers. Create harsher conditions than those to which your orchid is accustomed.

After a certain period, usually 1-2 months, a peduncle will appear. Then you can water the orchid again as usual. When the plant blooms, it is not recommended to fertilise it.

Temperature changes

This option is suitable in summer, spring and autumn for all epiphytic orchids. Arrange a "temperature swing" for your plant. When the weather moves to a period of more or less stable warm temperatures (night temperatures are not lower than +16 °C), you should take the orchid outdoors - into the garden, on an open balcony or in the yard.

If it is too hot during the day, bring the plant indoors. If the plant is not exposed to direct sunlight and stands in the shade, leave the orchid outside for the whole day.

The orchid will receive more carbon dioxide, which will affect the development of roots, leaf growth and the appearance of flower stalks. Temperature changes can be arranged for 1-2 weeks. During the day, the flower will receive enough heat, and at night it will cool down.

These methods are suitable if you constantly take care of the plant. Then stress will create opportunities for flowering. You should not expose the orchid to unfavourable conditions too often, otherwise it may fade.

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