How to make a violet bloom all year round: simple instructions

Caring for a violet requires care, but it will thank you for it with generous flowering

Saintpaulia or violet is a houseplant that does not have a clear flowering season. It is able to delight its owner with flowers from time to time all year round. All it needs is proper care. But how do you care for a violet so that it blooms regularly?

OBOZREVATEL has collected the basic rules. If you follow them, your Saintpaulia can bloom from 2-3 times a year to 5 or even more. Much also depends on the variety.

Before you start a Saintpaulia, please note that this plant is very sensitive and fragile. It needs regular care. You can't leave it alone, the plant will die. It will also react badly to excessive efforts of its owner. So, if you do not have much experience in home floriculture, be patient, be careful and follow these instructions.


Don't try to choose something very special, Saintpaulias are well suited to a universal soil mixture for flowering plants - just go for it. Make sure that the soil does not compact in the pot and remains loose and permeable to water and air.

Potting soil

Saintpaulias do not like excessive space and a large depth of the pot - in this case, the plant will use all its strength to form the root system and will not bloom. To choose a pot, just look at the diameter of the rosette of leaves. Choose a container 2-3 times narrower. And be sure to have a hole in the bottom and a tray that is slightly wider than the pot itself.


Excessive water can kill a violet, so you should never overwater the plant. Drainage will help you with this. It can be expanded clay, vermiculite, small pebbles or gravel. Sprinkle it on the bottom of the pot in a layer about 1 cm thick.


Why do you need a wide pot tray for a violet? It is for watering. Since this plant does not tolerate excessive moisture, it should not be watered from above. Drops can get into the centre of the socket and it will start to rot. Instead, pour a little soft, settled water into the sump and make sure it is all absorbed by checking the top layer of soil with your finger. It should be barely moist. Violets should not be allowed to dry out either. Spraying the plant is also not worth it. Especially during the flowering period.



Saintpaulias like bright lighting, but do not tolerate direct sunlight. Therefore, they should be placed in bright rooms, but at a certain distance from the window. The delicate leaves of the plant easily get sunburned. Therefore, take care of partial shade.

Temperature conditions

Violets take breaks in flowering on the hottest and coldest days of the year. That is, the plant likes moderate heat. A temperature of 20-22 degrees will be ideal for it. Also, make sure that it is not exposed to a draft.


Fertilisers for flowering plants are suitable for Saintpaulias. But when feeding, it is important not to overdo it - it can only harm, so you should not carry out the procedure more often than once every 10 days. Follow the instructions for the fertiliser, but try to apply less than the amount indicated on the package. This is better than over-feeding, which can kill the violet.


Saintpaulias look best in the first 3-4 years, then they need rejuvenation. Ideally, the bush should have three tiers of leaves - from large old ones at the base to small young ones in the middle. Excess leaves should be removed. This way, the violet, in particular, will not waste energy on it. Be sure to remove yellowed and dried leaves. Do not let them rot in the pot - this is very dangerous for a sensitive flower. If you see that the violet's trunk is exposed due to regular leaf removal, it's time to repot the plant.


Violets are transplanted using the transshipment method - they are taken out of the pot together with the soil, the roots are shaken off a little and returned to the pot with fresh soil. If you notice that your plant is producing smaller and paler leaves, it's time to move it to a larger container. But it should be no more than 2 cm wider than the diameter of the previous pot and no deeper. The best time to transplant Saintpaulias is early spring. The plant should not be transplanted during the flowering period.

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