How to get rid of white mould in the soil of indoor plants: the most effective remedy is in your kitchen

A one-time treatment of the potting soil with cinnamon is sufficient

Among the diseases of indoor plants, white mould on the soil is one of the most unpleasant. It is caused by mistakes in care, and it is not as easy to destroy as we would like. Fortunately, an effective remedy can be found in almost any kitchen. This disease looks like a fluffy white coating on the ground and is not very dangerous in itself, but it indicates more serious problems that can destroy the flower. Therefore, it is important to know how to deal with white mould on flowers and what to do after it disappears.

The Express turned to florist experts who explained how to get rid of mould in the soil and prevent its reappearance. The first step is to physically remove the infected soil from the pot. Take a clean tool, even just a spoon, and remove the top layer of soil. Don't forget to disinfect the tool afterwards. And here are the three steps you need to take next.

Use cinnamon

The popular spice has pronounced fungicidal properties, so it will protect the soil from mould growth. Take a sachet of ground cinnamon and sprinkle it on the soil in the pot. This will kill the remaining fungi and their spores. But while the cinnamon is working, water the plant only from below through the tray. Once the top layer of soil has dried out, there will be no need to add cinnamon again - it can destroy the beneficial fungal forms in the ground.

Adjust the watering

To prevent mould from returning, do not over-water the soil in the future. Deviate from your usual schedule and water the plant when the top 3-5 cm of the potting soil is dry. You can check this with your finger or with a toothpick. In winter, the amount of water and frequency of watering should be reduced.

Keep the plants in a bright, well-ventilated place

Mould likes dark and warm corners with stagnant air. That is why the plant should be moved to a better-lit place with good circulation after the fungus has affected the soil. The sun's ultraviolet light will destroy the remnants of the infection. But before doing so, make sure that the new conditions are suitable for your plant. For example, that it is not in direct light, if it is more suitable for diffused light.

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