How to clean tarnished and blackened silver jewellery: a simple and effective life hack

Baking soda will easily restore silver to its original shine

Silver jewellery and some costume jewellery have an unpleasant tendency to tarnish and darken over time. Not everyone dares to wear them when they lose their appearance. However, the problem can be easily solved.

A cleaning expert under the nickname jessiee_marie shared her method with improvised means on TikTok. For cleaning, she needed ordinary baking soda.

The girl demonstrated the method on her necklace and several rings that had darkened significantly over time. She placed them in a bowl completely lined with food foil, poured baking soda so that it completely covered the jewellery, and poured hot water over them.

After a few minutes of such a soda bath, the jewellery should be stirred in the bowl so that the product works better and the surface is cleaned faster. Experts advise keeping the jewellery in the soda solution for about 15 minutes.

After that, rinse each item with cold water and dry it. This method is effortless and will easily return chains, rings and earrings to their original shine.

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