How to clean coffee and tea stains on cups: a "fantastic" way to do it

The product will cope even with very stubborn stains that have not been washed for years

Tea and coffee lovers know how often they have to clean the inside of their cups from the dark stains left by these drinks. Yes, it's not that difficult to remove these stains with an abrasive, but it can scratch ceramic or porcelain. So, the question of how to remove stains from cups never ceases to be relevant.

The Express newspaper, with the help of cleaning life hacks enthusiasts, has collected some good ways. You can clean your cups to make them shine and look like new with the help of a penny.

Dark deposits on cups are caused by the tannins contained in tea and coffee. Since it is neither fat nor protein, it is impossible to wash it off with ordinary dishwashing detergent. Sometimes even baking soda and scrubbing with a brush don't help.

However, dishwashing tablets can help with this type of stain. If you put the product in a cup, pour boiling water over it and leave it overnight, in the morning you can easily wash off even the heaviest deposits that have accumulated over the years. By the way, the same life hack works with burnt food at the bottom of pots. The advantage of this method is that it doesn't leave an aftertaste, as can happen after cleaning with baking powder, which is also a fairly common way to remove stains from a cup.

An even cheaper option, suggested by lovers of cleanliness in the house, unexpectedly turned out to be denture cleaning tablets. The method of their use is similar: put them in a cup, pour hot water over them and leave them overnight. These tablets were originally designed to wash off dentures, in particular, stains from pigments contained in food. At the same time, they do not damage the material from which the artificial teeth are made, so they are completely safe for cups. Even the cheapest brands of such tablets are suitable.

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