How to clean a shower head to a shine: a simple tip

A simple vinegar will help to clean the shower head.

The showerhead accumulates a lot of lime deposits on itself, in particular, they collect in the water holes, from which it seems impossible to clean the plaque. In fact, if you know how to clean the shower head, it should not be a problem at all.

OBOZREVATEL tells about a simple tiphack to make your shower head shine like new. In addition, it will begin to pass water better and become more functional. All you need for cleaning is one product - vinegar.

To clean the shower head, take an ordinary plastic bag, unscrew the shower head from the hose or remove it from the stand and put it inside, pour the vinegar into the bag. The substance should completely cover all soiled areas. Close the bag.

Leave the closed bag with the watering can overnight. The vinegar should dissolve all the deposits during this time.

In the morning, the showerhead should be treated with a brush - it should easily remove the softened lime. And then the object remains to rinse well with a stream of water and return it to its place.

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