How to choose the right shade of mascara for your color type: these secrets everyone should know. Photo

It's easy enough to introduce variety into your everyday image. To do this is not necessary to change your style of dress or repaint your hair. To refresh the appearance and add zest, you should choose a colored mascara. But before you make up, it is worth figuring out how to pick the right color to look organic with your color type.

To do this, you do not need to go to a professional makeup artist or enroll in makeup courses. OBOZREVATEL proves that it is easy to pick up the color of a bracelet yourself (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

The girl is a "winter."

Ladies have black or dark chocolate hair, dark eyebrows; blue, brown, or hazel eyes; light skin. Blue, blue, or green tones of mascara will suit such women.


The "spring" girl.

Ladies with this color type have honey-colored hair, with eyebrows slightly darker than their hair. Their eyes - from the color of the sky to hazel, lips of warm tones - peach or apricot. Light skin with freckles. If you recognize yourself in the description, choose turquoise, emerald, or brown paint.


Girl "summer."

Her hair is blond, straw, chocolate, or brown. Skin - olive or soft pink; the shade of the eyes is most often light - gray, bluish, or hazel. The lips are pale pink. To create a harmonious image, ladies with this color type are recommended to use yellow, turquoise, or emerald mascara.


The "fall" girl

The "autumn girl" has peach or bronze skin; honey, hazelnut, or chocolate-colored curls; green or brown eyes, and honey lips with an orange undertone. In eye makeup, such women should use purple beauty products, which will create a contrast with the skin and hair.


Also remember that ladies after thirty it is better to give up pink, yellow, and lettuce brambles.

Dark paint should be applied along the entire length; bright yellow, lilac, lettuce - only on the tips and after the use of black.

As recently reported by OBOZREVATEL, black eyeliner - a taboo in makeup after 40 years. Experts also advise refusing gel eyeliner and sharp graphic arrows. To learn the subtleties of eye makeup, read our material.

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