How to arrange the dishes in the dishwasher so that they are all perfectly clean: tips and tricks

Properly arranged dishes will save on washing

Unlike the washing machine, where clothes are in constant motion and cleaned from all sides, in the dishwasher all items stand exclusively where they are placed. That's why the proper placement of dishes in the trays is so important to the efficiency of washing them.

According to Interia Porady, the way plates and cups are arranged also determines how economical the dishwasher will be. It also helps extend the life of the items.

Arranging your dishes correctly in the dishwasher ensures even distribution of water and detergent. This means that dirt will be removed efficiently and rinsing will be more thorough. It will also help you save time by performing several wash cycles if you have a lot of dishes.

How to properly place your dishes in the dishwasher

Each manufacturer prescribes which items are best placed in the instructions for a particular model. The general principle is the same - things should be placed in such a way that the flow of water can move freely between them.

Also, large items, such as pots, should be placed on the bottom of the dishwasher, and small plates and glasses up.

Cups and glasses should be placed with the bottom up for a better wash. In this way, water will flow freely from the inside instead of accumulating inside.

Some items, such as plates and bowls, can be placed horizontally in the dishwasher. However, placing them in this way prevents the water from draining freely. Therefore, it is still better to prefer vertical placement.

A good idea is to place dishes along the walls of the dishwasher. And cutlery should be washed in special containers.

Also, always check if your dishes can be washed in the dishwasher. For example, some pans may only be cleaned by hand so as not to damage them.

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