How often to wash bed linen: expert advice

The average person spends almost a third of their life sleeping

Bed linen loses its cleanliness quite quickly, so experts advise washing it at least once a week. Sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers become breeding grounds for bacteria, even if they appear to be fresh.

According to Еxpress, citing experts from the non-profit organisation Sleep Foundation, bacteria that accumulate on dirty linen can remain viable for weeks. This, in turn, is harmful to health.

How often should bed linen be changed?

The publication cited data from a survey conducted by Hammonds Furniture, according to which a shocking 30 per cent of Britons admitted to washing their bed linen only once a year, which is far from the recommended weekly wash.

The Sleep Foundation noted that washing less than once a week simply won't help keep your bed clean.

"While once a week may seem excessive for busy people, it's never a good idea to skimp on it," they said.

You should wash your sheets more than once a week if you suffer from:

  • asthma;
  • allergy to dust mites;
  • eczema;
  • acne;
  • seasonal allergies.

Pets or frequent bedtime snacking are also good reasons to do more frequent laundry.

"Be sure to change your sheets every three to four days and vacuum your mattresses weekly to get rid of dirty dust," said Rob Davey, sleep expert at Snoozel Green.

The expert added: "Ideally, you should try to change your sheets at least once a week and wash them at 60 degrees. Keep a few sets on hand so you don't need to wash and dry immediately, and try to dry your bedding naturally in the sun, as ultraviolet radiation helps kill microorganisms."

According to the Sleep Foundation, the optimal time to wash bed linen is in the morning:

  • pillowcases - once a week;
  • duvet covers - every two to four weeks;
  • blanket - every two to three months;
  • pillows - every four to six months;
  • mattress - every six to eight months.

To keep your bed linen clean, you should:

  • alternate two or three sets of bed linen;
  • do not use bleach during washing;
  • wash on a full cycle;
  • use a mattress cover when washing.

The experts also advised adding half a glass of vinegar with each wash to naturally soften the bed linen.

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