Starred with Rohovtseva and Stepankov: Ukrainian actor lists "rotten" Russian actors who once praised Kyiv

Kukuiuk says some Russian actors are "rottten"

Popular actor Mykhailo Kukuiuk spoke about his Russian colleagues who used to come to Kyiv willingly to film but now fervently support Putin's aggression. According to the actor, Vladimir Mashkov, perhaps the most famous war supporter, once starred in Ukraine with legends of the Ukrainian stage.

The actor also revealed the details of the story of how actor Konstantin Khabensky treated his Ukrainian colleague very rudely. Mykhailo Kukuiuk spoke about it in an interview with OBOZ.UA.

"I remember how they came, how they were treated here. Mashkov was filming with Balaian in Kyiv, along with Kostia Stepankov and Ada Rohovtseva. And Bezrukov was in "Death Match", about the events during the war in Kyiv," Kukuiuk says. "However, he cries all the time for some reason. Conjunctivitis, maybe? (Laughs.) To make the viewer cry, you don't have to cry so much onscreen."

Starred with Rohovtseva and Stepankov: Ukrainian actor lists ''rotten'' Russian actors who once praised Kyiv

"I have friends who used to love movies with Bezrukov. I didn't get it, I didn't understand it," the artist continues, "This "Brigade" movie, what is it about? People who lived through the serious 90s understand that romanticizing bandits is nonsense. They were thieves, rapists, murderers. Absolutely ugly people. Russians have now made a new series called "Slovo Patsana." I remember these Kazan people, I encountered them personally. The fact is that I had my first eye surgery in Moscow. And on my way home at the Kyiv railway station, they clung to me, they are scary people. But they were a little scared because my eye was very swollen after the operation, so they went away. Instead of thinking about autonomy, fighting for the separation of Tatarstan from Russia, all their courage and bravery went into beating up faces. They went to Moscow to beg for money at train stations. That's all they can do."

Starred with Rohovtseva and Stepankov: Ukrainian actor lists ''rotten'' Russian actors who once praised Kyiv

"I'm not talking about Khabensky at all," Kukuiuk adds. "An actor I know was filming a movie with him and asked to be photographed together. He said, 'Go ahead.' And it was the time when they were still shooting on simple hand-held cameras. The actor took a photo, and when he was taking the pictures from the studio, he saw that his Russian colleague was hugging him and pointing his middle finger at the lens with his other hand. At first I didn't believe it, saying it couldn't be, he was from St. Petersburg, a supposedly intelligent city. And then I saw the photo. They are so rotten."

By the way, a few years ago, in an interview with the popular Russian blogger Yury Dud, Konstantin Khabensky admitted that his favorite city abroad was Kyiv, and in January of this year he fired the star of the TV series "Kitchen", actor Dmytro Nazarov, who openly spoke out against Russian aggression in Ukraine on his YouTube channel.

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