From pain to reconciliation: famous couples who kept their marriage after partner's cheating

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Famous men who cheated on their partners.

Infidelity is an ordeal that not every couple can withstand. And when you are constantly in the spotlight, it is even more traumatic: to the heartache is added active discussion in the media.

We tell you in the material OBOZREVATEL about celebrities who kept their marriage with unfaithful partners. Some of them repeatedly regretted this decision.

1. Bill Clinton and Hillary (married 48 years)

Bill Clinton , the 42nd President of the United States, met politician and diplomat Hillary while attending university. Then Bill liked Hillary's natural beauty (she very rarely wore makeup), and her heart was won by the charisma and confidence of her classmate. After a brief encounter, the couple married (1975). Soon after, both concentrated entirely on politics.

During the election race, it became known about Bill's secret affair with journalist Jennifer Flowers, which lasted 12 years. Hillary then shocked Americans by saying that she had found out about the affair years before it became public. She had a serious talk with her husband and forced him to break up with his mistress. But it was not the last affair.

When Clinton was elected to a second presidential term, he had an affair with young intern Monica Lewinsky. This sex scandal almost led to his impeachment and divorce from Hillary. However, the wife again publicly supported her husband, and at home for a long time lived in a separate room and did not communicate with him. Later, she forgave the betrayal and preserved the marriage.


2. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick (26 years together)

American actress Sarah Jessica Parker, famous for her role as Carrie Bradshaw in the TV series "Sex and the City," and actor Matthew Broderick got married in 1997. This marriage was called one of the strongest in Hollywood. However, in 2008, journalists learned about Matthew's affair with a 25-year-old waitress. A man saw his mistress at a friend's apartment. Broderick's infidelity was a blow to Sarah, so she left their home and enrolled in a family psychoanalyst. This helped the couple resolve their conflicts and not divorce. Now they are raising daughters who were carried by a surrogate mother.


3. David Beckham and Victoria Beckham (24 years married)

In 1999, soccer player David Beckham and British singer, actress and fashion designer Victoria Beckham got married. In 2002, the man was offered a lucrative contract by the soccer club Real Madrid. He was forced to leave for Spain, leaving his wife and children in the UK. A few months after that it became known about the secret affair of David with his assistant Rebecca Luz, who helped to learn the language and adapt to life in the new country.

Victoria, after seeing photos of Beckham with his mistress in the media, took the children and flew to her husband to break off the relationship. During the conversation, she did forgive him. After that, there were repeated media reports about David's affairs, but the couple denied the rumors.



Beyoncé and Jay-Z (married for 15 years)

American singer Beyoncé and Sean Corey Carter (rapper Jay-Z) dated for 5 years before legitimizing their relationship. They seemed to have passed the little test of time, but the hardest part was ahead - in 2013, her husband cheated on the singer. It seemed like the marriage was about to fall apart. Beyoncé expressed her resentment in the album Lemonade, and a year after that, Jay-Z released the album "4:44", where he admitted that he regretted his deed. This touched the star and she was able to forgive her husband for the infidelity.


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