"Freedom of all Europe": Lithuanian representative at Eurovision-2023 touching appeal to Ukrainians

On May 11, in the second semifinal of the international song contest Eurovision 2023, the Lithuanian representative Monika Linkyte took to the Liverpool stage with the song Stay. She sang about personal healing, noting that now all of Europe needs security and healing wounds.

During the press conference after the second round of the show, the vocalist addressed Ukrainians, thanking them for fighting so bravely for freedom. She stressed, Lithuania feels all the pain of our people and understands that our army defends not only Ukraine but Europe as a whole.

"I have made friends through the war, and it is very sad. I want to thank every Ukrainian who fights for everyone's freedom because it is not only your freedom but the freedom of all of Europe. Thank you to everyone. Glory to Ukraine," Linkité said.


The artist is now 30 years old. She has taken part in many shows, and in 2007 she went to the Junior Eurovision selection. From an early age, the girl did dance, but when she learned to play the piano, she wanted to take singing lessons.

"It's about personal healing, a story from my personal experience, but it seems to me that all of Europe needs healing right now, so that's what it's about," Monica summarized.


In the final of Eurovision 2023, she will perform at number 22.

Recall that the duo TVORCHI from Ukraine will present their track, Heart Of Steel, as the nineteenth. After the National Selections, it was decided to change the song itself, as well as the costumes and the number a little bit. Instead of a gold jumpsuit, Jeffrey Kenny was going to wear a black suit, consisting of wide pants and a golf, with a large gold heart on the chest as a reference to the title of the contest song. The musicians also added a fragment in Ukrainian and played the flute at the end of the song.

Recently, OBOZREVATEL told how the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool took place, during which Ukrainians could vote. Sixteen contestants took to the stage and they were amazed by the variety of songs and numbers. The youngest contestant was 16 years old.

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