Forgetting they're not 20: Paris Hilton, Cher and other Hollywood stars who don't dress their age

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Celebrities who give away their style of dress in a tasteless way.

Not all celebrities are comfortable with the fact that they are no longer young girls but status women. Some of them delicately try to "rejuvenate" (by painting over their grey hair and seeking help from beauticians). And then there are those who go to a plastic surgeon or wear clothes that do not match their age.

We tell you about star beauties 40+, who often go out in infantile outfits. Read more - in the material OBOZREVATEL.

1. Paris Hilton (42 years old)

American model, actress and singer Paris Hilton - heiress to the family business (the world's largest hotel and resort chain Hilton). There's nothing stopping her from hiring a stylist to help her pick the right clothes for her wardrobe. The celebrity herself seems to be happy with everything. At 42, she walks around in frank pink outfits decorated with ruffles, bows or fur. Every once in a while, her looks are successful.


2. Cher (77 years old)

American singer, actress and producer Cher is having trouble accepting her age. At 77, she wears silhouette leather clothes embellished with rhinestones. She is also often seen in miniskirts and short dresses.


3. Celine Dion (55 years old)

The Canadian singer Celine Dion, who became popular thanks to the song from the film 'Titanic' My Heart Will Go On, dresses in such a way that her outfits raise more questions than admiration. These may include dresses with lots of ruffles, shorts paired with ripped trousers or a turquoise-coloured monoblue along with booties and a crocodile leather bag.


4. Ayla Fisher (47 years old)

In her off-screen life, Australian actress Ayla Fisher wears dresses with boob sleeves, bows, ruffles or Baby Doll style. She looks cute and naive in them, which is definitely not age-appropriate.


5. Chloe Sevigny (48 years old)

American actress, fashion designer and former model Chloe Sevigny as well as colleague Ayla Fisher are not ready to give up dresses à la Baby Doll. She wears them so often that it's hard to tell her style from that of a high-school graduate.


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