"Finally, I'm home": choreographer Kot shared how traitor Denysova declared love for Ukraine first and then fled to Moscow

Kot about Denisova, "I respected and loved her very much, and now she is nothing to me"

Traitor Tetiana Denisova, who met the invasion in Kyiv, claimed that this was her home. A colleague of the traitor, choreographer Yevhen Kot, told this in an interview with OBOZ.UA.

Dancer Tetiana Denisova, who was a favorite of Ukrainian viewers when she worked as a judge on the talent show The Voice, was a member of the jury of the project Dance. World of Dance project. A few days after the invasion, she left for Russia, where she received an offer to become a judge on a Russian TV show.

"The day before the invasion, we were working together on the set of the Dance. World of Dance and were members of the jury," Yevhen Kot recalls, "and it was because of her that this project did not air as planned. The jury was cut from the program because of Denysova's presence. I am very sorry that the audience did not see the program in full because the project was planned to be very cool. At that time there had been no dance projects in Ukraine for a long time, and therefore it was very anticipated."

The jury was cut out of the Dance.World of Dance program because of Denysova's presence

"On the set, she told me she was finally home and I had the feeling that she was saying it very sincerely. And now I perceive those words as the highest degree of cynicism because in the first days of the full-scale war, after spending several days under shelling, she fled to Russia across Europe to become a jury of one of the dance projects there," Yevhen continues.

To recap, Tetiana Denisova worked in the Ukrainian project"Everybody Dance for a long time, but in 2016 she became a mentor and choreographer for the Russian show project Dance and worked there for five years. However, she later returned to Ukraine. With the beginning of the aggressor's invasion, she fled to Russia.

"You know, for some years, many famous dancers went to work in Russia," Yevhen Kot says. "I was neutral about it at the time. It felt neither good nor bad. I never went to Russia myself, but when the invasion happened, we saw everyone's true face. That's why I don't understand what we can talk about with Tetiana Denisova now. I am not interested in her as much as possible. I realized that this person puts money first. Of course, money is important, but not enough to betray oneself. In addition, I know that her financial situation did not put her in such a position that she had to go there."

Tetiana Denisova was Yevhen Kot's teacher

"And the most important thing is that I am very unhappy that Denysova turned out to be like this because she was once my teacher at the university," Kot added. And now she is nobody to me and I have no name for her. I don't even want to look for excuses for what she did. Missiles are flying at me, and she is earning money in Moscow, paying taxes on these missiles. She is a murderer like most Russians who supported the war against us."

Kryvoshapko and Denysova

By the way, in 2011, in Kyiv, Denysova married Oleksandr Kryvoshapko, who is 12 years younger than her. However, the union did not last even a year. Later, in an interview, Kryvoshapko admitted that during their marriage, Tetiana repeatedly criticized Russians, "She kept telling me, and I quote, 'Sasha, Russia is a country of f**kers, drug addicts and prostitutes.' These are her words. And so I am very sorry that the person with whom I was married has to live in such an unpleasant atmosphere."

Read the full interview with Yevhen Kot on Sunday, January 14.

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