Fattening and aging! 4 dresses to forget about after 40: emphasise all the flaws. Photo.

Dresses that should not be worn after 40

A woman's figure can change with age, so ladies over forty should choose their outfits especially carefully. The styles that fit perfectly 10 years ago can now fill out and add extra years to your look.

OBOZREVATEL suggests that you familiarise yourself with the models of dresses that beauties 40+ should throw out of their wardrobe, if they have any, and definitely pass them by in stores. Much, of course, depends on the quality of the material and tailoring, because low-quality items spoil the look regardless of the age of their owner.

Pleated dress


Pleated outfits are quite popular among adult women. Pleated skirts and dresses seem elegant and seem to create a lightness effect, but in fact, the pleats on the product add volume, and therefore noticeably enlarge the curves of the silhouette and reveal its flaws. Preference should be given to styles made of dense fabric that holds its shape.

Large floral print on dresses


Dresses with this colour, firstly, have long been on the list of anti-trends. Secondly, they will visually make you look bigger. Ladies with curvaceous shapes are strictly forbidden to wear such prints, because they risk appearing even more bulky.

Dresses made of thin knitwear


No matter what age you are, fine knitwear dresses should not be in your closet. But if we're talking about ladies of 40+, then products made of this material look particularly unpresentable on them. The image looks cheap, untidy and "stretched", and all figure flaws immediately become noticeable.

Dresses with voluminous decor, ruffles and flounces


Such models are most often chosen not for everyday outings, but for special occasions and holidays. Women want to make the image look flirty and light, but, as you might have guessed, it turns out the other way round. Voluminous and even more so tiered decor increases all the flaws of the figure, the image looks inappropriate and infantile, and the irrelevant style ages.

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