Famous Turkish TV actress Fatma Karanfil died of cancer. Photo

Fatma Karanfil died at the age of 72

Famous Turkish actress, heroine of many soap operas Fatma Karanfil died at the age of 73 from cancer. She became famous for acting in more than 60 Turkish projects, and in her youth, the artist was even called one of the most beautiful TV stars of the time and a sex symbol of the country.

According to Nurriyet, Fatma holds a special place in the hearts of Turkish viewers who have watched her professional growth on screen for generations. The actress was buried on June 5. Famous film and television actors came to say goodbye to the celebrity.

Fatma Karanfil had been undergoing cancer treatment in a private clinic in recent weeks. She was buried the next day at the Ferikoy Cemetery in Istanbul.

Famous Turkish TV actress Fatma Karanfil died of cancer. Photo

The actress is best remembered for her role in the popular TV series Forbidden Love, where she played Shayeste, Suleyman's wife. However, this is not her only successful role.

The imdb website says that she has at least 68 film projects under her belt. The last TV series in her career was shown in 2019, and after that Fatma devoted herself to screenwriting.

Famous Turkish TV actress Fatma Karanfil died of cancer. Photo

She was first told about breast cancer in 1998. The actress fought for her life for a long time and eventually won another 20 years for herself. Unfortunately, in the last years of her life, the star's disease returned.

Fatma divorced twice and was not married for almost 40 years.

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