Eurovision 2024: where and when to watch the semifinals and grand final

When and where to watch the semifinals and grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024

The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 will soon take place in the Swedish city of Malmö. The first semi-final is scheduled for May 7, and the second on May 9. The grand final, which will determine the winner of the international song contest, will be broadcast on May 11.

Ukraine, which this year will be represented by the duo Jerry Heil and alyona alyona, specially formed for the competition, with the song Teresa & Maria, will perform in the first semifinal at number five. OBOZ.UA has collected all the necessary information about where, when, and at what time to watch the show.

When will Eurovision 2024 take place?

The first semifinal, in which Ukraine will perform, is May 7.

The second semi-final is on May 9.

The Grand Final, which will determine the new winner of the crystal microphone, will take place on May 11.

When Ukraine will perform

Representatives of our country will compete for the right to reach the final on May 7.

The order of the participants' performances in the first semi-final is as follows:

  1. Cyprus
  2. Serbia
  3. Lithuania
  4. Ireland
  5. Ukraine
  6. Poland
  7. Croatia
  8. Iceland
  9. Slovenia
  10. Finland
  11. Moldova
  12. Azerbaijan
  13. Australia
  14. Portugal
  15. Luxembourg

In addition, the first semi-final will feature the Eurovision Song Contest founding countries Great Britain (before Ukraine) and Germany. Last year's winner Sweden will also take the stage.

The following countries will perform in the second semifinal:

  1. Malta
  2. Albania
  3. Greece
  4. Switzerland
  5. Czech Republic
  6. Austria
  7. Denmark
  8. Armenia
  9. Latvia
  10. San Marino
  11. Georgia
  12. Belgium
  13. Estonia
  14. Israel
  15. Norway
  16. Netherlands

As for the Big Five countries, France, Spain, and Italy will take the stage in the second semifinal.

Where to watch Eurovision 2024

Traditionally, you will be able to watch the online broadcast on the official Eurovision YouTube channel, however, the contest will be broadcast in the original language. The Ukrainian-language broadcast with the unchanged voice of Timur Miroshnychenko will be available on the TV channel and all digital platforms of UA:PBC:

Official Eurovision Facebook account;

Suspilne Kultura website;

The website of the Eurovision Song Contest;

Eurovision Ukraine YouTube channel.

The translated version will also be available in the Diia app. In addition, OBOZ.UA will be broadcasting the live text broadcast.

For the first time in many years, the voting for the participants of the Eurovision Song Contest has undergone significant changes. From now on, there will be much more time to cast your vote. That is, the audience voting in the final will start not after all the contestants have performed, but as soon as the first participant takes the stage. This will allow more viewers who can't watch the entire show to take their time and vote for their favorite.

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