Eurovision 2024 first semi-final draw over: when Ukraine will perform at the grand final and what is producer's choice

The draw of Eurovision first semi-final winners has taken place. Source: Screenshot

After the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, ten finalists took part in the draw for their places in the final on May 11. The participants determined who would perform in the first and second halves of the show. In addition, "producer's choice" was introduced for the first time.

This is what Ukrainians alyona alyona and Jerry Heil pulled out. OBOZ.UA will tell you what the innovation means and what places the other participants got.

Eurovision 2024 first semi-final draw over: when Ukraine will perform at the grand final and what is producer's choice

Currently, the order of performances is as follows:

  • In the first half of the final (the first 13 performances), European fans will definitely see Lithuania, Ireland and Luxembourg.
  • In the second half (from 13 to 26 performances), there will be Cyprus, Slovenia and Finland.
  • Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia and Portugal can perform in both the first and second parts of the show as they have pulled out the "producer's choice".

This means that after the second semi-final on May 9 and the draw of the remaining finalists, including the Big Five countries and the 2024 host country Sweden, the Eurovision producers will begin to determine the sequence numbers of the participants who have drawn the corresponding scroll.

Their performances will be arranged in such a way that the final will be evenly saturated with energetic performances, which will be periodically interrupted by lyrical ballads.

As explained by the Eurovision organizing committee, the old draw system made the finals unbalanced. For example, in one half of the show, all the viewers' favorites could perform, or calm tracks could be heard for several performances in a row, and then a significant part of the competition was so dynamic that it tired the fans.

In addition, the introduction of the "producer's choice" was due to the complexity of some of the scenery. To properly organize the logistics, the participants need to perform in a certain sequence.

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