Eurovision 2023 winner Loreen refused to sign the flag of Ukraine: TVORCHI told about the singer's suspended behavior

The winner of Eurovision 2023 did not want to help Ukraine

The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, Loreen from Sweden, has become the only participant who refused to sign the Ukrainian flag, which is planned to be raffled off at a charity auction. In addition to the fact that the performer did not want to join in helping Ukraine, she behaved aloof and did not communicate with other contestants.

The members of the band TVORCHI, who represented our country at the prestigious competition, told about it to OBOZREVATEL in an exclusive comment. Jeffrey Kenny and Andrei Gutsulyak also recalled how they were supported by other musicians (to see photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

When asked how Loreen behaved backstage, the stars shared an eloquent story about how the artist didn't want to help Ukrainians who have been bravely defending their independence for over a year.

"Loreen was probably the only participant with whom we didn't have much contact. She stayed away from everyone and was the only one who refused to sign the flag that we asked participants to sign to raffle it off for a charity auction to support Ukraine. But Finland, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, France and others left their signatures on the flags," they told TVORCHI.


Other participants of Eurovision 2023 reacted warmly to the opportunity to join the charity auction. Ukrainians also noted that they felt the support behind the scenes of the show.

"What cannot be said about the Eurofans, who blatantly hated us and Ukraine from the very National Selection to the final of the contest. In their internal voting, where the Eurofans of each country voted, they put us in last place. It was revenge for last year's victory of Ukraine, which, in their opinion, was undeserved. During the preparation period, we read many comments where they blamed us for the special attention to Ukraine and that "Ukraine will win again because of the war". In one country they even boycotted our performance", - the musicians shared.


They had to convey through interviews that Ukrainians did not choose to end up in such terrible conditions, so everyone has to come to terms with the realities.

Soon OBOZREVATEL will publish a full interview with TVORCHI, in which the artists responded to critical questions - how they reacted to the shelling of their native Ternopil before the performance, why, after the number of stars kept silent and what they think about the low scores from the national jury.

It is interesting that already at the press conference after the victory Loreen commented on Ukraine, where, according to her, she had been many times. Read more on this link.

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