Earning money in Russia and keeping silent about the war: how Zhanna Badoeva made her choice and why she is being justified

Zhanna Badoeva silences the genocide of Ukrainians

The former host of the travel show "Orel & Reshka" Zhanna Badoeva, like other stars-traitors of Ukraine, keeps silent about the genocide of Ukrainians and continues to live and earn money in Russia. However, it is she who is sometimes defended in public space. Some celebrities have stated that they "understand" the motives of the presenter, who works for RosTV at the height of the Russian war in Ukraine.

For other celebrities, it remains a mystery why Badoeva, who has spent so much time in Ukraine, is silent about Russia's terrorism. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell about the traitor's position and comments from her "defenders" (to see the photo, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Badoeva was born in the Lithuanian city of Mazeikiai. In the early 1990s, her family moved to Kyiv, where the TV star graduated from the directing department of the Kyiv National University of Theatre, Film and Television.

Since 2015, she has been working in Russia, including on the propagandist Channel One, where she is the author and host of the programme "Life of Others". In 2019, Badoeva renounced her Ukrainian citizenship. Rumour has it that she did so in favour of her Italian passport, where she has settled down with her husband and children.


In January, Zhanna Badoeva was sanctioned by the National Security and Defence Council. Her page has a lot of photos from different parts of the world, where she shoots new episodes of her show. It is noteworthy that most of the pictures were taken in Italy, not in Russia.

Eugene Sinelnikov, the producer of Orel & Reshka, commented on the TV presenter's silence. He emphasised that the artist's position is unquestionable, because "her thoughts and heart are with Ukraine". Badoeva allegedly cannot speak about the crimes of the occupiers because she works with Russian channels.

The presenter's ex-husband, film director and music video maker Alan Badoev is also in no hurry to condemn her. He said that Badoeva "has something to say and show".

"There is Zhanna and her husband. When the time comes to speak out and show something to people, they will do it. But not now and not I should do it. I will say one thing: this is a real woman. I understand how it happened and what happened," the Ukrainian said.


After the full-scale invasion of Russia, Zhanna Badoeva spoke out against the war with extreme caution, without writing about who attacked whom and what atrocities the occupiers were committing in Ukraine. After that, she continued her activities in the Russian Federation.


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