Did not pass the face control: 5 celebrities who failed auditions because of their appearance

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Failed casting calls for Hollywood stars.

Beauty, convincing acting and the ability to easily get used to any image do not always open the way to the world of cinema. Sometimes the director's vision becomes an obstacle: the way he or she imagines certain characters in the film. Rejections are a great training tool for an actor: the more rejections you have in life, the better. It gives you the opportunity to prove yourself in other cult films.

We have prepared an inspiring selection of actors who once failed a casting call because of their appearance, but did not give up and achieved what they wanted. Read more in the OBOZREVATEL article.

1. Meryl Streep

In 1975, the future film star Meryl Streep came to a casting call for the film King Kong. She applied for the role of a character with whom a huge gorilla fell in love. She was rejected. Producer Dino de Laurentiis then said to his son in Italian: "Why did you bring this monster here?". However, he did not know that Meryl was a polyglot. Instead of tears and hysteria, she calmly replied in Italian: "I'm sorry I'm not good enough to play in the film King Kong."


2. Henry Cavill

The star of The Witcher and the film Agents of U.N.C.L.E. Henry Cavill was once rejected for a film because the directors thought he was not in good enough shape. The 23-year-old actor was auditioning for the role of James Bond in the film Casino Royale. Henry was asked to come out of the shower wrapped in a towel and repeat a scene from the film with Sean Connery (this actor was the first and furthest classic embodiment of the 007 image).

Then director Martin Campbell said: "Henry, you're too chubby". These words did not offend Henry, but were an incentive to become better. "I'm glad Martin said that, because I respond well to the truth," Cavill said.


3. Ryan Gosling

Canadian actor Ryan Gosling wanted to play the father of a girl killed by a maniac in the film The Lovely Bones. Initially, the role was approved, but the day before filming began, he was replaced by Mark Wahlberg. It was because he was overweight. Ryan decided to gain 30kg for his character and grow a beard. The director of the film didn't like these experiments with his appearance, and he dropped Gosling from the project.


4. Jake Gyllenhaal

American actor Jake Gyllenhaal wanted to play Frodo in the film The Lord of the Rings. He got nervous and failed the audition. Director Peter Jackson, to put it mildly, was not "moved" by Jake's performance or appearance. He called the guy the worst actor in the history of cinema. It seems he was wrong. Because 42-year-old Gyllenhaal is still actively receiving offers to star in films.


5. Mel Gibson

Another Hollywood handsome man, Mel Gibson, was applying for the role of Bond. He was not accepted because of his "small" height - 175 cm. "This film is not about Mr Gibson, it's about James Bond," said director Albert Broccoli. However, Daniel Craig, one of the 007 agents, is not much taller - 178 cm.


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