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Bold celebrities who got rid of thick hair.

While some star beauties take care of their hair (mesotherapy, cauterization, or, for example, collagen restoration), others shave their hair naked. The latter decide to take this step for a variety of reasons: a radical change of style, mental illness or filming.

Which of the celebrities fearlessly got rid of their hair? What was the motive for such action? Read in the material OBOZREVATEL.

1. Britney Spears

American singer and dancer Britney Spears suffered from postpartum depression and mental illness in 2007, so she spent time in rehab. After discharge, the celebrity shocked everyone - she shaved her head. It seems that with this desperate act she wanted to get rid of problems. At first Britney was not too worried about the change of image. But later she started wearing wigs until her native hair grew back.


2. Demi Moore

American actress Demi Moore shaved her head for her starring role in the movie "Soldier Jane." This helped the famous beauty to get into the role of a servicewoman, who is ready for anything. The film became a cult and iconic in Demi's career. In addition, the ultra-short haircut did not spoil the actress' soft facial features.


3. Charlize Theron

American actress and model Charlize Theron lost her golden hair for her role in "Mad Max: Fury Road." She liked having a short haircut so much that she rarely grew long strands after that. Now Charlize prefers short bobs, pixies and undercuts. And for good reason. She is rejuvenated by the new looks.


4. Cate Blanchett.

Australian film and theater actress, producer and director Cate Blanchett shaved her head for the filming of "Paradise." She later told reporters that she enjoyed the new experience: "My agent advised me to wear a cap, but I didn't care. It felt good to have the wind blowing over my bald head.


5. Natalie Portman

American actress, screenwriter, director and producer Natalie Portman proved that even without hair you can look feminine and charming. She shaved her head during the filming of the dystopian political thriller "V for Vendetta". It is one of the most emotional scenes in cinema today.


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