Demi Moore, Lady Gaga and others: five celebrities who removed their ribs for a wasp waist. Photos before and after

Stars removed their ribs
Stars removed their ribs

A slim waist is the dream of many girls. Some wear corsets to narrow their silhouette, work out for hours in the gym, and some resort to surgical interventions.

Hollywood stars who were not blessed with a narrow waist by nature have had several ribs removed. OBOZREVATEL talks about celebrities who have an hourglass figure thanks to plastic surgeons.

  • Demi Moore
Demi Moore hid the fact that she had her ribs removed.

With the help of surgeons, Hollywood movie star Demi Moore has turned into a beauty with perfect model forms. It is reliably known that the actress has undergone rhinoplasty, abdominal and knee liposuction, and a circular facelift.

Before the filming of the cult film Striptease, the celebrity made radical changes. Moore had her breasts augmented and her lower ribs removed. Before that, her athletic figure looked rectangular with no difference between shoulders, waist and hips.

  • Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga has a perfect waist.

The singer Lady Gaga, who likes to surprise the audience with provocative performances, has had her body reshaped. The star corrected the shape of her nose, cheekbones and chest. In addition, she decided to resect her ribs to give her rectangular figure more seductive curves.

  • Waist
Singer Talia had her ribs removed.

The singer Talia with such a name simply had no right to have a wide abdomen. The Latin American star has a striking appearance and curves. However, her waistline is the result of surgery. The artist posted a photo on Instagram showing a jar with her ribs removed.

  • Sofia Wollersheim
The model wanted to be Barbie.

German model Sophia Wollersheim has long dreamed of looking like Barbie and did everything she could to achieve it. She grew white hair, enlarged her lips and extended her eyelashes. In pursuit of beauty, she had two pairs of ribs removed. However, this undermined Sophia's health, she has difficulty moving around, but this does not prevent her from posting photos on social media and raising her children.

  • Pixie Fox
Pixie Fox lost those extra centimetres on her waist.

Swedish actress and blogger Pixie Fox is called the "living Barbie". In her quest to be a doll, she removed three pairs of ribs. Now her waist is only 40 centimetres in circumference, but she cannot do without a corset that supports her spine. She said that after the operation, she almost died due to the doctor's incompetence, and she was in a coma for more than a week.

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