Cut, material and color palette: how to wear shorts in the city to look "expensive"

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Stylish outfits for summer 2023.

Shorts are some of the most comfortable things in the summer closet. They are lightweight, practical and versatile. However, there is a nuance: not all models are appropriate for wearing in the city. Sometimes you risk looking "beachy". This effect can be avoided if you remember simple tips.

What shorts should you choose to look stylish and aesthetically pleasing? Read OBOZREVATEL article.

1. Cut and length

Pay attention to the elongated high-waist models of free cut. They perfectly balance the silhouette, emphasizing the waist and hips. Bermudas is a win-win variant: they successfully go with any top (blouses, shirts, T-shirts, crop tops, jackets, sweaters and T-shirts). They are appropriate both for walks and business meetings.


2. Natural materials

The most elegant and versatile option is suit shorts. They can be combined with shirts, knitted tops and t-shirts. Linen and cotton products are no less comfortable, but quickly crumple. The body breathes in them, so it will not be hot.


3. Prints and decor

Forget about motley prints, deep necklines and lots of decorations. They make looks "cheap" and old-fashioned. Wear models in one color, textured, with a gradient or with consice patterns. It is desirable to wear a monochrome top in a calm palette.


4. Color

The noble colors of shorts to look out for are white, beige, black, milk, chocolate, khaki, gray, blue, emerald, sapphire and ruby. With them, each of your outfits will be sophisticated and unique.


5. Monochrome

To make the look look harmonious and relaxed, match the top to the tone of the shorts. A perfect combo is boxer shorts and shirts. Mules, sabots or sandals with low heels will fit here perfectly.


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