"Couldn't sleep this night. Why me?" Jamala reacted to her arrest in absentia in Russian Federation

Jamala reacts to her arrest in absentia in Russia

On November 29, it became official that a Russian court had arrested the famous Ukrainian singer of Crimean Tatar origin Jamala in absentia for spreading "fakes" about the Russian army, which in the civilized world is called the truth about the crimes of the occupiers. The People's Artist has already reacted to her new "status". She honestly admitted that she was somewhat concerned about her safety.

In addition, Jamala does not understand why the terrorist country pays such special attention to her when almost all Ukrainian stars (and not only stars) spread the truth about Russian aggression and terror. The 2016 Eurovision Song Contest winner shared her thoughts after the "arrest" on her personal Instagram page.

"I couldn't sleep last night, I kept thinking, why me? We are all Ukrainians fasting, traveling, collecting, talking and doing our best. Why me? Perhaps they are terrified by the influence, geography of countries and platforms that are available to me through my music," Jamala shared her thoughts.

''Couldn't sleep this night. Why me?'' Jamala reacted to her arrest in absentia in Russian Federation

The singer admitted that she was so deeply immersed in her creative and work process that she learned the news of her "arrest in absentia" only a few hours after it had spread throughout the media. Now the star is trying to find out whether she and her family are in any real danger from the Russian court's decision.

"Yesterday I was arrested in absentia and put on the international wanted list. While I was flying around the globe, I spoke at events aimed at supporting Ukraine, rebuilding schools, etc. In the morning, I was already on the set of a television project dedicated to Christmas, for which I prepared a special carol, chose it, worked on the arrangement, and was completely immersed in the creative process. And in the evening, I get the news. I don't know all the details about the real threat to my safety yet, I will find out. But let this be a reminder of these events and proof of Russian arbitrariness and ignorance in front of the whole world," the celebrity commented.

''Couldn't sleep this night. Why me?'' Jamala reacted to her arrest in absentia in Russian Federation

Jamala also added that she is not only a public figure, but also a woman, wife, mother and daughter. She admits that it is not easy for her to balance in a world where she is recognized as one of the world's most popular artists by Spotify Equal for 2023, and on the same day is arrested in absentia in Russia. In the end, the artist thanked her fans for their support, and they, in turn, once again demonstrated their love for the singer in the comments.

As stated in the official documents of the Moscow prosecutor's office, the Ukrainian singer is charged under a criminal article on "public dissemination of obviously false information about the Russian Armed Forces under the guise of reliable reports, committed on the grounds of national hatred." The reason for this was the People's Artist of Ukraine's posts about the inhumane war crimes of the Russian invaders in the Kyiv region - Bucha and Irpin. Jamala is facing up to ten years in prison in the Russian Federation.

It should be noted that the day before, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs put the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 on the wanted list under a criminal article on "spreading fakes about the Russian army". Read more about this here.

The singer later responded to her wanted list, noting that she was not at all surprised by these actions on the part of Russia. And although Jamala herself was not afraid of the Russian Interior Ministry, her family was very scared. See the artist's reaction to her "wanted" in the article.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, the famous Ukrainian TV presenter Masha Yefrosinina was included in the list of terrorists and extremists of the Russian Federation. In addition, the card of the star, who actively tells the world the truth about the crimes of the Russian occupiers in Ukraine, appeared in the search database of the Russian Interior Ministry. All the details are in the article.

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