Conquered millions of viewers! How the most famous Hollywood twins have changed since the 90s. Photos then and now

How the most famous Hollywood twins have changed since the 90s

Talented children always delight the audience. And if there are two of them and they are also identical, it is a guaranteed success. More than one pair of famous Hollywood twins of the 90s proved this by their example. Films with their participation became hits, and young film stars gained worldwide fame. However, as often happens, with the advent of adulthood came popularity and demand.

OBOZREVATEL offers to recall the famous twins who became famous more than 30 years ago and see how they have changed over this time. Some of them, despite a number of difficulties, managed to break the stereotype that child actors do not succeed in adulthood.

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen


There are hardly any people here who have not watched the comedy "Two: Me and My Shadow". The charming sisters won the audience's hearts with their talented performance. In fact, their acting career began with the popular TV series Three by Three. They were called the richest children in American cinema: by the age of thirteen, they had become millionaires. As they grew up, the girls continued to act in teen films. Their last film together was New York Moments (2004). This June, the twins will turn 36 years old. Now they have left the film industry and retrained in fashion - the Olsen sisters are successful designers.

Cole and Dylan Sprouse


The twins became very popular after the TV series "Everything is Top-Top", or "The Life of Zach and Cody", in which they played the main roles. However, this was already in the 2000s. Prior to that, the charming and charismatic boys took turns playing Ben Geller, Ross's son, in the cult TV series Friends, as well as in the 1999 comedy with Adam Sandler, Big Daddy. Nowadays, the boys don't act together, instead reaching the top in cinema separately. Cole starred in the TV series Riverdale and the drama A Metre Apart, and Dylan in the film After. The actors are 30 years old.

Louise and Lisa Burns


These sisters scared the audience in 1980 when they appeared in a horror film based on Stephen King's novel "The Shining". The girls played their roles perfectly, but they never became actresses. The horror film was their first and last work. It is known that Louise works as a microbiologist, and Lisa studied literature at university.

Dylan and Blake Tuohy-Wilhoit


These twins were simply irresistible in the popular TV series "Three on Three", where they played Alex and Nicky. However, this was the end of the brothers' acting career. However, the Tuomi-Wilhoitis did not leave the cinema completely. Dylan now works as a sound designer who reproduces sounds for films. He even had a chance to work on the Game of Thrones series. And Blake has become a famous sound engineer.

Tiffany and Krystle Mataras


Single White Female (1992), Kindergarten Cop (1990), Difficult Child 2 (1991) are not a complete list of projects in which little Tiffany and Krystle appeared. However, the latter comedy brought them the greatest popularity. The twins, who were always trying to sell something to someone, fell in love with the public, but this did not help the girls become famous in the future. Their career was bright, but very short. Now the sisters lead a private life and only occasionally make themselves known on social media.

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