Concert in blue and yellow colours: Scorpions dedicated their legendary hit to Ukraine and unfurled the flag on stage

The band's frontman refuses to perform in Russia

The German rock band Scorpions, which has been supporting Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, recently played a concert in Berlin. During the performance, the musicians expressed solidarity with our nation by unfurling a huge Ukrainian flag. In addition, the celebrities reworked their legendary hit Wind of Change and mentioned Ukraine in it.

While performing the song, the band's frontman Klaus Meine wrapped himself in a blue and yellow flag, and the international symbol of peace, the pacifist, appeared on the screen behind him. The footage of the show was shared by Twitter users (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

The concert audience was lucky enough to hear a new version of Wind of Change. Instead of the opening lines about the Moskva River and Gorky Park ("I follow the Moskva down to Gorky Park"), Meine sang: "Now listen to my heart - it says Ukraine".


Under the posts of Twitter users, we read the following comments: "Well done. We used to believe in Moscow... What the f*ck is Moscow, a zombie nation", "The whole world has turned its back on the Russians. The Taliban are singing about them now", "The lyrics changed a year ago. The Russians' arses are already burnt and only smoke...", "Putin wanted Ukraine to not exist, now Ukraine is everywhere".


Klaus Meine recently announced that after Ukraine's victory, he would come to the capital to give a "peace concert" on Maidan. Moreover, the rockers refused to perform in the Russian Federation, emphasising: "I don't think we will perform in Russia. It is not expected in the near future".

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL reported that one of the founders of One Direction and British singer Harry Styles raised the Ukrainian flag during the concert, performing the song Sign of the Times. The star walked on stage with it. To find out all the details, follow the link.

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