Can you swear in front of children?

Can you swear in front of children?

In family psychology, there are two types of marital quarrels: destructive and constructive.

Children who face destructive conflicts, characterised by threats, physical force, abusive language and demonstrative behaviour, are prone to developing depression, anxiety, aggression and violations of discipline and social norms. In contrast, children who see their parents argue constructively from an early age develop independent judgement, tolerance, avoid stereotypical thinking and subordination, and display prosocial behaviours such as friendliness, sociability, teamwork and helping others.

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How to argue in front of children?

To learn how to argue in front of children, you can acknowledge the validity of marital disputes and not hide the fact that sometimes you disagree and argue from your children. In addition, you can try to choose more appropriate expressions, avoid shouting, swearing and throwing objects.

You should not involve your child in a quarrel, force them to choose sides or ask them who they like or agree with more.

If you realise that you are having difficulty holding back, try saying in a calm tone: "I don't want to continue this argument now, let's discuss it later," and resume the conversation when you are sure the child is safe and cannot see or hear you.

In order to turn ordinary spousal arguments into constructive discussions, you can follow four rules:

- Treat the clash as a discussion rather than an open conflict.

- Argue as if you are right, but listen as if you are wrong.

- Try to interpret the man's point of view with the utmost respect.

- Acknowledge moments when you agree with the other side.

Following these rules will help you and your partner turn arguments into mutual understanding and an opportunity to build a more harmonious relationship.

It is important to remember that arguments in the family are inevitable and how you handle them has a huge impact on the development of your children.

P.S. Did your parents argue in front of you? How did it make you feel?

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