Benjamin Button? How Brad Pitt looks 40 at the age of 60. Photo

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Brad Pitt in 2020 (left) and 2023 (right).

In December 2008, the movie "The Mysterious Story of Benjamin Button" premiered. The film tells the story of a man who was born with the appearance and health of an 85-year-old man, and who magically rejuvenated with age: his skin regained its elasticity, his hair grayed, and his physical performance improved.

The main role in the film was played by American actor Brad Pitt. He is now 60 years old. And it seems that he decided to use the benefits of plastic surgery to partially "repeat" the path of his character. Read more in the OBOZ.UA article.

The first beauty manipulations

Since the actor's work requires active facial expressions, the first wrinkles began to appear on the cheeks and broad forehead of 30-year-old Brad, which grew deeper over the years. Until he was about 40, he was not interested in plastic surgery and beauty injections. And then, probably because of the high demands on the stars' appearance, he began to visit cosmetologists.

In April 2003, the man appeared at the Friends Finding A Cure event with barely noticeable wrinkles, indicating that he had been blanched with a soft filler and resurfaced. Shortly afterward, the actor underwent otoplasty to correct the shape of his protruding ears.

Benjamin Button? How Brad Pitt looks 40 at the age of 60. Photo
Benjamin Button? How Brad Pitt looks 40 at the age of 60. Photo

Do you think he stopped there? No! Brad naturally lacks volume in the middle part of his cheeks. If nothing is done about it, his face begins to "creep" downward with age. To prevent this from happening, he used fillers to "lift" his face until he was about 60. However, not always successfully... For example, in 2014, the actor attended the 86th Academy Awards and was criticized because botulinum toxin made his face look bloated.

Benjamin Button? How Brad Pitt looks 40 at the age of 60. Photo

With the light hand of a plastic surgeon...

At the beginning of 2024, a video went viral online in which a former National Health Service doctor, Dr. Johnny Betteridge, suggested that the actor had secretly had a facelift that could cost more than £100,000 (approximately 4,802,668 UAH).

The expert compared a photo of Brad Pitt taken at the 2020 Oscars with a photo from Wimbledon in 2023. According to him, the first one shows "normal signs of aging": deep static lines, loss of volume in the eye area and midface, and skin that lacks elasticity in the lower part of the face. While the second one shows that the actor has become "younger": "If you look at the side of his profile, you can see that the change in the contour of the lower part of his face is striking. And you can tell it's due to the facelift by looking at his scar."

It is quite possible that the actor took this step to look young next to his new girlfriend, 31-year-old fitness trainer Ines de Ramon. The couple has been dating for about a year now, and their relationship is getting stronger and stronger.

Benjamin Button? How Brad Pitt looks 40 at the age of 60. Photo

After Johnny Batteridge's video became popular, journalists from The Sun talked to him. In the interview, the doctor said: "It's impossible to achieve this degree of facelift and contouring, especially in the middle and lower parts of the face, using non-surgical methods. In addition, a facelift often leaves a scar on the earlobe, a wise move that allows people to keep the fact that they have had a facelift a secret." What did Brad Pitt's representatives say about this? They declined to comment. Perhaps, over time, the actor will deny or confirm this information himself.

While real and couch experts are trying to find traces of the surgery, let's take a look at the latest photos of the movie star. He was spotted by the paparazzi in Florida while filming the movie Apex, a movie about Formula 1 racing.

Benjamin Button? How Brad Pitt looks 40 at the age of 60. Photo

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