Ballet flats from the 2000s are back in fashion: what to wear to look luxurious. Photo.

Ballet flats from the 2000s are back in fashion

Do you remember back in 2015 when all the girls were wearing ballet flats? Well, less than ten years later, ballet flats became the most trendy footwear in 2023. They quickly burst into fashion, acquiring many stylish silhouettes. On the foot, these comfortable flat shoes look elegant and sophisticated, but when combined with the right outfits, they don't look infantile.

OBOZREVATEL suggests considering which ballet flats will be fashionable in 2023. We'll also look at what to wear with trendy shoes to look spectacular.

Ballet flats have become the stars of the shows of such famous brands as Givenchy, Loewe, Chanel, Marni and Miu Miu. Satin ballet flats with a neat ankle strap have attracted the close attention of fashionistas around the world. Among them is supermodel Bella Hadid.

As you know, it is the stars (bloggers, actresses, models, singers), who are followed by a huge number of people on social media, who set trends for everything we wear, eat, taste in terms of entertainment and hobbies, etc. For example, after Bella Hadid appeared on the streets of New York in trendy ballet flats, the demand for them instantly increased.


This trend was quickly picked up by influencers, and soon trendy ballet flats were presented by inexpensive mass-market brands, so now they are available to almost everyone.


What to wear with trendy ballet flats in 2023?

The most popular way to wear flat shoes is to pair them with white socks or tights. Don't worry, you won't look like a schoolgirl, although you will add a touch of youth to your look.


Many people are afraid that ballet flats look childish and are difficult to combine with more "rough" outfits. But try wearing ballet flats with wide jeans or trousers. We recommend complementing the look with a long coat or blazer.


A combination of a maxi dress and ballet flats looks spectacular. The look will be elegant, but not pretentious, and most importantly, as comfortable as possible.


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote about stylish ideas for what to wear with shirt dresses. For example, in cold weather, they can be safely combined with knitwear.

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