Ani Lorak's boyfriend "sympathized" with Ukraine after the terrorist attack in Crocus: the traitor singer commented

Ani Lorak's boyfriend "sympathized" with Ukraine after the terrorist attack in Crocus. Source:

The boyfriend of the Ukrainian traitor singer Ani Lorak, who is cynically silent about the war in her homeland and the occupiers' horrific crimes, reacted to the terrorist attack at the Crocus City Hall concert hall (Krasnogorsk, Moscow Region) by mentioning Ukraine. Isaac Vidjrakou said that "there is so much hatred and intolerance in our world" and that he allegedly "sympathizes" with Ukraine and, of course, Russia, as well as other countries that have been "affected by violence."

Vidjrakou posted the relevant post on his personal Instagram page. Ani Lorak also reacted to it, leaving a cynical phrase in the comments.

The traitor's elected representative gave a pathetic speech about the "unity" of the world, which is allegedly being divided by borders, religion and culture.

"In times of tragedy and conflict, we are forced to ask ourselves: Why is there so much hatred and intolerance in our world? These rhetorical questions reflect my deep sadness and disappointment at the pain we cause each other. Borders, religions, and cultures are merely concepts that divide our common humanity, which is inherently one. The sooner we realize that our similarities far outweigh our differences, the sooner we can live in a world where peace prevails over conflict, love over hate. My sympathies go out to Ukraine, Russia, Africa and every corner of the world that has been touched by violence. My heart goes out to all those affected by the recent events, including the tragic incident in Moscow," Vidjrakou said.

The boyfriend of the disgraced singer, who is already preparing to become a citizen of a terrorist state, added that everyone should "strive for peace."

"Let's strive for a peace in which we can recognize our common humanity and work towards a future defined by peace and unity. My thoughts are with all those who have lost loved ones, and I stand in solidarity with those who call for a universal end to violence," the "dove of peace" summarized.

Ani Lorak's boyfriend ''sympathized'' with Ukraine after the terrorist attack in Crocus: the traitor singer commented

Meanwhile, Ani Lorak, who is silencing terrorist attacks in her home country for the sake of bloody Russian rubles, left a comment under her lover's post. She wrote cynically in English: "Amazing words from a beautiful soul."

As a reminder, on the evening of March 22, unidentified persons opened fire at the Crocus concert hall in the Moscow region and then set the building on fire. About 150 people were killed and a significant number of injured, some of whom were hospitalized in serious condition.

Meanwhile, Russian propagandists are trying to blame the attack in Crocus on the "Kyiv regime," and the version of Ukraine's alleged involvement in the events has also been taken up by Russian officials and law enforcement agencies. Russian dictator Vladimir Putin could not resist talking aboutthe "Ukrainian trace" during his address almost a day after the shooting.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA wrote that a participant of the "Beauty of Russia 2001" was killed during the terrorist attack in the Crocus shopping center. She is the fifth on the official list of the dead.

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