The fate of Andriy Matsevko after his detention by the police has become known: the X Factor star wanted to get into the subway with a fake ID

The police told what they did to Andriy Matsevko after his detention

In Ivano-Frankivsk, police released a disgraced Ukrainian talent show contestant, Andriy Matsevko, who was detained on January 7, as he had been wanted by one of the district police departments of the Kyiv City Police since July 2021. The "People's Artist of Ukraine," as the performer calls himself, has been hiding from the pre-trial investigation authorities all this time.

A spokeswoman for the Ivano-Frankivsk regional patrol police, Khrystyna Myhlyid, said that after his detention a week ago, Matsevko was taken to the district police station and handed over to law enforcement officers to clarify all the circumstances. This was reported by

The odious "X Factor" star was interrogated at the police station and then released.

Andriy Yatskiv, a spokesman for the Ivano-Frankivsk regional police, added: "Criminal investigation operatives took his explanation and sent the materials to our Kyiv colleagues, who are conducting further pre-trial investigation. Kyiv police contacted him in the presence of our police officers. He was released."

However, Matsevko never explained why he had not been in contact with Kyiv law enforcement since July 2021.

It should be noted that Matsevko is wanted by the Kyiv police as a person hiding from the pre-trial investigation authorities in a case of forgery. When Ivano-Frankivsk patrol officers detained the celebrity, he tried to escape. As of today, there is no information about the man in the Interior Ministry's wanted database.

The "People's Artist" was wanted after a high-profile story when he was detained in the Kyiv subway in April 2021 with a fake pension certificate. Matsevko tried to use public transportation with a fake document. He then told law enforcement that a friend had given him the fake. The detainee also admitted that he knew that the man was involved in the fake document business, as he had used such a certificate himself.

The fate of Andriy Matsevko after his detention by the police has become known: the X Factor star wanted to get into the subway with a fake ID

According to OBOZ.UA, in recent years, Andriy Matsevko has been living in the village of Svarychiv, Ivano-Frankivsk region. His fellow villagers speak kindly of him, but in a conversation with our publication, they noted that the man lives a bit reclusive. They say that in the morning he rides his bike somewhere and only returns in the evening. The singer lives in his parents' house with his mother and older brother.

Andriy Matsevko became famous all over Ukraine more than 10 years ago when he performed on the first season of the X-Factor TV show. The singer failed to win over the jury because he demonstrated extremely poor vocal abilities, but the audience liked him for his spontaneity. The songs "Oh Whose Rye" and "Smereka" performed by the artist went viral online. Subsequently, he conquered the X Factor and other talent shows several times. However, he was also unsuccessful. In the wake of his popularity, the artist began to be actively invited to private parties. When his popularity faded, Matsevko worked as a janitor for a while. Read more about his fate in our article.

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