Alyona Alyona and rapper OTOY publicly scandalized over the performance at Eurovision 2023

In the second semi-final of Eurovision 2023, which took place on May 11, the Ukrainian singer OTOY (real name - Vyacheslav Drofa) read a rap to the poem of Shevchenko "Cherry Orchard of Kolo Hati". The artist surprised the audience in the hall and the Ukrainian viewers on the screens but did not impress his colleague, the hip-hop singer Alyona Alyona (real name - Alyona Savranenko). The girl reacted with indignation to OTOY's appearance on the Liverpool stage.

Under the publication of "Slukh. media" on Instagram, a public scandal erupted between the celebrities. Savranenko wondered why Drofa was invited to perform at Eurovision, and hinted that he became famous because of their joint track "Rod." The Kalush Orchestra is also involved (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photo).

"This is someone who until a couple of months ago cursed me for 'security cancellation' in rap. Couldn't help myself. Sorry. Only a select few listened to rap before me and went to rap shows. And at least someone saw Otoe through "The Stem." And now there's a trashy rap in the video above," Alyona Alyona wrote in her Slukh. media profile.


Vyacheslav instantly responded to Alena's attacks by responding to her under the comment. "The keeper of the Ukrainian sharovarov has surfaced because someone got into a field that your hangout feels like it's patented. You know, I've made a lot of comments about Psyuk and his actions but mostly ignored the question about you. "A curse for guard cancellation" - wow, good tales to come up with, but as sad as it is - I haven't thought of you in a long time," reads OTOY's opinion.


The audience was divided into two camps, some advised Alena Savranenko not to respond to the "bile reproaches," while others wrote that the vocalist acted unkindly to Vyacheslav. "OTOY buzz! Who doesn't know, doesn't know", "Good performance, well done", and "So cool, quite interesting and juicy sounding", - supported the rapper network users.


By the way, the grand finale of Eurovision 2023 will take place on Saturday, May 13. The start is scheduled for 22:00 Kyiv time. We will broadcast it live online.

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