Alexander Tsekalo, the showman from Kiev, who keeps silent about the war, attacked a fan in the USA with foul language

Alexander Tsekalo made a fuss in the U.S.

A famous Russian TV presenter, producer, singer and comedian Alexander Tsekalo, who was born and lived in Ukraine until he was 28, but apparently forgot about it in a hurry, got into trouble in the United States. In a supermarket in Los Angeles, where the showman has been living for several years with his fourth wife Darina Ervin, a fan came up to him and asked for an autograph, but instead she was swearing and yelling at him.

According to a number of Telegram channels, the fan initially took some pictures of Tsekalo with his wife without his consent. Allegedly, this is what made the celebrity so angry that he "went off the chain."

So, while Tsekalo and Ervin were choosing groceries, the fan took a few pictures, and then she mustered up the courage and came up with a request for joint selfies and an autograph.

"Tsekalo suddenly got nervous and swore at the admirer of his talents. Good thing he didn't beat her up", "He jumped on the lady with obscene words. It is unlikely that the woman expected such a violent reaction from her idol," describe the further development of events various sources.


Moreover, the wife of the showman reacted to the request calmly - she greeted the fan with a smile, so that the aggressive behavior of her husband and the foul language from his lips was a surprise to both women.

Recall that Alexander Tsekalo was born on March 22, 1961 in Kiev. He graduated from a school in the capital of Ukraine, and then the Kiev variety and circus school. Worked in the Odessa Philharmonic, as well as in Odessa Variety Theatre "Charge". In 1985, together with another "Ukrainian," Lolita Milyavskaya, he formed the cabaret duo "Academy," and in 1989 they came to Moscow. Both quickly forgot about their roots. Lolita now openly supports Russia, which is trying to wipe her homeland off the face of the earth, while Tsekalo is sneakily silent, even though he has been living in America for a long time.


As OBOZREVATEL wrote, two Russians in Germany had a foul argument because a young Ukrainian boy shouted "Glory to Ukraine" in the street. They came to the child's mother and began to attack her.

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