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For women after 40, stylists recommend a more careful choice of clothing. Thus, some colors are categorically "contraindicated" and can visually add age even to a young girl.

Among the most unsuccessful are called five options. Read more in the article published by OBOZREVATEL.


According to stylists, things in gray can destroy the image and make it fade. But this does not mean that they should be completely abandoned. Gray can be perfectly combined with almost all other shades.



Bordeaux is called a noble color, but things of this tone visually add years. Therefore, you should always try to dilute burgundy with other colors, such as gray, beige, or white.



Abuse of the classic black color in clothing can also "age". In order not to seem too gloomy, it is recommended to dilute it with light and bright colors.



Brown can add a whole decade to your life and give the impression of dreariness and despondency, stylists warn. Therefore, dark brown colors are clearly not the best choice. As an alternative, you can choose light brown or coffee with milk to look stylish and noble.


Bright colors.

Bright colors are "contraindicated" for women after 40. At that age, such tones look vulgar and vulgar. But, if it is difficult to refuse, for example, pink, you can choose more subtle shades of it - purple or light pink. Also noteworthy is the color red - after 40 it emphasizes the sophistication of women.


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