Age spares no one! How the Playboy stars from the 90s, who drove millions of men crazy, have changed. Photos then and now

How Playboy stars have changed since the 90s

For many decades, Playboy magazine has been one of the most popular and respected magazines in the world, and therefore it can be safely called a cult. Its covers featured world stars who were not shy about showing off their sexuality for the camera. Famous women who could be seen on the pages of the glossy in the 90s of the last century became the most desirable, and some of them have not lost their charm even 30 years later.

OBOZREVATEL offers to see how the beauties who appeared on the cover of the cult magazine in the 90s have changed. Their spicy photos drove millions of men around the world crazy.

Sharon Stone


The Playboy cover once helped Sharon Stone become a superstar. Of course, the actress managed to reach the heights of her career thanks to her talent and hard work, but a sexy photo shoot for the magazine strengthened the celebrity's success. Stone's filmography includes hundreds of successful film projects: Basic Instinct, Pinch, Crossroads, Casino, for which she was nominated for an Oscar, and many others. The 65-year-old actress remains one of the most famous in Hollywood to this day.

Drew Barrymore


Drew Barrymore became a film star when she was just three years old. She continued acting in her teens. As is often the case, with stunning success, fame and royalties came problems with alcohol, drugs and the law. However, Barrymore managed to use his willpower in time to overcome his addiction. Charlie's Angels, 50 First Kisses, The Wedding Singer, Grey Gardens is not a complete list of popular films that have cemented Barrymore's superstar status. However, an important role in this was also played by the Playboy cover, on which the actress appeared in 1995.

Mimi Rogers


The 1987 film The One Who Keeps Me Safe brings Mimi Rogers real fame. The same year, the actress married Tom Cruise, which made her even more popular. The star appeared on the cover of Playboy in 1993, after which she landed roles in The Trouble with the Monkey and The Killer. Nowadays, 67-year-old Rogers is acting much less often.

Sherylene Fenn


In 1989, the first season of the cult TV series Twin Peaks was released, and it instantly turned Sherylene Fenn into a global celebrity. The actress received Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for her work in the series. In 1990, Fenn appeared on the cover of Playboy, causing even more delight among the male audience. After that, the star was actively acting, but in the second half of the 90s, her career began to decline. Nowadays, the celebrity hardly ever appears on screens.

Erika Eleniak


Baywatch was famous for its busty beauties. One of them was Erika Eleniak, who starred in the cult project from 1989 to 1992. During the same period, the actress appeared twice on the cover of Playboy, which strengthened her status as a sex icon. However, in the early noughties, Eleniak began to act much less frequently, and now everyone has forgotten about her.

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