Accentuate all the flaws! Five mistakes in the choice of clothing for women with chubby hips. Photo

Ashley Graham

Chubby forms can always be turned into your highlight and dignity if you choose the right look. After all, the clothes can add a few pounds or make you look like a model. Here we should pay attention to the most unnoticeable details. We will tell you about them below.

OBOZREVATEL will also clearly show how layering, the wrong balance of colors and prints will ruin the appearance of a chubby lady. Take note! (to see the photos, scroll to the end of the page).

Open groin area

In general, chubby hips look very sexy and attract the attention of men. These are instincts and there is nothing you can do about them. But if your task is to create a positive impression about yourself, it is better to cover the groin area. And there are two explanations for this. First, etiquette, and second, pragmatism. A small tummy and a wide pelvis don't create a pleasant picture, where you can see "rollers".



If you don't want to look even more massive, you don't need to create a "Christmas tree" look. Meaning that several pieces of thick fabric will increase your volume. So, a blouse plus an elongated cardigan and an oversize jacket is a bad idea.


The wrong balance of color and print

Does everyone remember that color also determines your silhouette? For example, white will add a few centimeters, while black will hide problem areas. The horizontal stripe on the pants will emphasize the shape, and the vertical one will elongate the legs and shift the emphasis from the hips. The print should be a contrast!


Pencil skirt

A pencil skirt looks elegant, but does not suit everyone. To look in it effectively, you need to have slender hips and a thin waist. After all, if it is worn by a too thin girl, the product will simply hang, and if the young lady has a form, this cut will emphasize everything that you would like to hide. By the way, do not forget to wear appropriate underwear.


Clothing tucking

Tucking shirts, T-shirts, and sweaters into pants has been fashionable lately. But this technique will not be successful for chubby hips. Why do you need an extra layer, hanging on the stomach and accentuating all your "charms"?


Earlier OBOZREVATEL reported what shades in clothes do not suit brunettes. They will add a gloomy and sad image, as wel as emphasize all the "imperfections" of the face. To learn what colors we are talking about, read our material .

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