A well-known Russian singer publicly burned his passport and asked to go to Kyiv: checks are being conducted in Russia

Singer Charlot burned his Russian passport and addressed Ukrainians

Russian 25-year-old singer Eduard Charlot, known for his flamboyant antics, publicly burned his Russian passport when he moved to Armenia. The artist said he wanted to go to Kyiv and asked the Ukrainian authorities to facilitate his official invitation.

Russia has already responded to the singer's anti-war calls and is preparing to check him. The singer spread the video on Instagram, which has almost 200,000 followers (to see photos and videos, scroll to the end of the page).

In the video, Charlot stated that he had been fighting the regime for three years, but had lived and worked in Russia until recently. After crossing the border, he recorded an address to Putin, where he read a short poem about how the Russians were tired of the lies.

After that, fans from Russia "denounced" the singer to Ekaterina Mizulina, the director of the League for Safe Internet, and she initiated a check on the artist.



At the same time, Charlot published a new post where he burned his Russian passport on camera. After that he appealed to Ukrainians.


"For the last three years I have been actively fighting the state's policy of war against Kiev. I want to get to the capital of Ukraine, to support people with speeches and others. I consider it necessary to be in a difficult moment with those who are oppressed. I am no longer a citizen of criminal Russia. Please arrange a way, for example, by an official invitation," said the Russian.


Note that in his country Charlot was known not only for his creativity, but also for his strange antics. In particular, he told his subscribers three times that he had died to attract attention.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote that the lead singer of the band One Republic Ryan Tedder surprised fans with a statement that he wants to perform in the Russian Federation after the war. After a barrage of heckling, he embarrassed himself even more by calling the people of the terrorist country "wonderful.

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