A rare photo of Meghan Markle posing in a Santa mini dress found online

Meghan Markle starred in the program "Deal or No Deal" in 2006

Meghan Markle, the wife of Prince Harry of Sussex, the biggest "loser of the royal family," was photographed back in 2006 wearing a glamorous Miss Santa costume. It is quite difficult to recognize her.

The look of the Duchess of Sussex in the photo is radically different from her current style. The photo was published by American TV presenter Howie Mandel, the Mirror writes. It shows Meghan Markle in a red velvet mini dress with a scoop neck and white fur trim on the neckline and hem.

Howie Mandel's post, where Meghan Markle can be seen too

The photo was taken during the filming of the Christmas episode of the TV show "Deal or No Deal". The photo shows Meghan surrounded by other Miss Santas and Howie himself.

Fans noticed that the Duchess was much happier during the Christmas celebration on the TV show than in her biographical series Harry and Meghan.

Meghan Markle took part in the filming of the show ''Deal or No Deal''

It is worth noting that the couple separated from the British royal family in 2020 and is now building a media career in the United States. To tell their story, they filmed the Harry and Meghan series in 2022, but viewers did not like it.

Fans have noticed that Meghan used to be much happier

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