A musician who performed with Coldplay, a Lviv theologian, and others: The 5 most striking performances of the third edition of The Voice 13. Video

The third issue of ''The Voice 13''

On Sunday, September 17, 1+1 TV channel aired the third episode of the 13th season of "The Voice". During the blind auditions, the musicians tried to surprise the celebrity coaches with their vocals and repertoire: Yulia Sanina, frontwoman of the rock band The Hardkiss, singer Artem Pivovarov, producer and co-founder of ENKO Ivan Klymenko, and singer Nadia Dorofeeva. Some of them tried to turn the judges' chairs around with catchy hits, others with touching lyrics, and some even with unique performances of folk songs.

OBOZREVATEL decided to make a selection of the most striking performances of the third issue of the 13th season of The Voice. Perhaps one of these five will be able to reach the final and win the coveted victory.

Roman Panchenko

The name of this contestant is already well known to the Ukrainian public. About a year ago, a street musician from Chernihiv caught the interest of Chris Martin, the leader of the legendary British band Coldplay, with his performance in the middle of Warsaw, where he has been living for more than five years. The star invited the Ukrainian to perform with his band at the stadium, singing a Ukrainian song to an audience of thousands. This episode dramatically changed Roman's life. Then he firmly decided that he would write his own songs. At the blind auditions, Panchenko performed Coldplay's hit song "Sky full of stars" and managed to turn the chairs of Ivan Klymenko, Artem Pivovarov, and Nadia Dorofeeva to his side, after which he joined the team with the latter artist.

Khrystyna Starikova

Khrystyna is a 17-year-old from Myrnohrad, Donetsk Oblast. In her early childhood, she was the main star of her hometown, as she constantly performed at all events and concerts. Now she lives in Kyiv because of the close proximity to the front line, but she has always wanted to return to the big stage. This dream came true at the show, where the participant performed JVKE's Golden hour. Her talented voice and strong charisma, which was felt even with the chairs turned around, made all the coaches press the button. Christina ended up joining Yulia Sanina's team.

Oleksandra Royka

The 21-year-old contestant from Lutsk managed to really surprise and impress the star coaches. The girl temporarily lives in Krakow, but she uses music to promote Ukrainian art and folklore to the masses. During the blind auditions, Oleksandra performed the folk song "Kotiku sirenkyi". She did it in a completely unique and unusual way, which turned Dorofeeva and Klymenko to her side, and the latter joined the team.

Veronika Kovalenko

For Veronika Kovalenko, participation in the project is not her first experience. She was once a participant of The Voice.Kids in the Monatic team. This time, she decided to impress the coaches with an adult song - Sam Smith's hit song called Unholy. The energy and power of her voice turned three members of the jury to her: Dorofeeva, Pivovarov and Klymenko. The contestant chose a producer.

Nazariy Malynovskyi

The Lviv resident has been singing at services at St. George's Cathedral since he was a child, started serving at the cathedral at the age of 11, and then entered the Lviv Theological Seminary. Currently, Nazariy is studying at the Ukrainian Catholic University at the Faculty of Philosophy and Theology, and at the same time he performs on the street and wants to convey his spirituality through music. The theologian performed Lewis Capaldi's song Bruises, managing to attract three coaches with his talent, and chose Yulia Sanina as his mentor.

Earlier, we talked about the most striking performances of the second broadcast. The audience and coaches were impressed by the Bakhmut defender, a bandura player, a TikTok star and others. These participants are seen as potential winners of the season.

As OBOZREVATEL previously wrote, The Voice producer Volodymyr Zavadiuk answered how much money was used to shoot the 13th season of the show. He assured that there was no funding from the state budget.

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