A journalist who recorded an interview with Vinnik was involved in an accident before meeting the artist in Germany. Video

Victoria Kurochka involved in car accident before interview with Oleg Vinnik

The other day a teaser of the first interview with the "missing" Ukrainian singer Oleh Vinnik, who is now living in Germany, appeared online. The author of the exclusive material was Viktoriia Kurochka. The journalist told her subscribers that she had got into a serious traffic accident before meeting the artist.

A conversation with Vinnik, who has not been in touch with the fans for over a year, will be published on the YouTube channel of KRP ("Krupnym planom"). Meanwhile, the interviewee has shared video footage of the accident on her TikTok (scroll to the bottom of the page to watch).

According to the journalist, she and her team had crossed the border and stopped in Lublin to spend the night, and in the morning their car collided at speed with another car on the motorway.


The hen in tears recorded a video message to her followers: "Someone seems to have been born with a shirt on. The second car just lay on the roof, but luckily everyone is in one piece. But I'll tell you, the experience of being in an accident in Poland is such a self-inflicted one".


On the eve of the release of the exclusive interview, the journalist's social media accounts received particularly high attention. In less than a day, the video about the accident was viewed by around 25,000 people (at the time of writing). In the comments viewers urged Viktoriia to take care and be more careful.

It should be noted that in the singer's first full-length interview since the war, judging by the teaser, he will answer questions about the war, his illness and personal life. Find out when the material will be released and other details at the link here.

The first exclusive snippets from the interview have started to appear online. Thus, the singer has already managed to tell why he has not been in touch with his fans in social networks for over a year, and also emotionally answered questions about his silence.

We should add that Vinnik's sudden disappearance from infospace gave rise to rumours about his illness. Previously, the star's fans had speculated that he was facing cancer. Colleagues and close circle of the performer confirmed that he was seriously ill, but did not name the diagnosis. It is only known that the singer is being treated for the disease in Germany.

It is known that Vinnik is not idle in Berlin, but helps the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He received two awards for his cooperation and volunteer work.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote that during his illness Oleg Vinnik has changed a lot. He visibly gained weight, grew a thick beard and changed his clothing style. The singer increasingly started wearing glasses and a cap, as well as hiding his hair.

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