A fan threw a bag of their deceased mother's ashes at singer Pink right at a concert. Video

A fan threw a bag with his dead mother's ashes at Pink

The famous American singer Pink recently performed in London, where a strange and even somewhat creepy incident happened to her. In the middle of the concert, one of the spectators threw a bag with ashes of their deceased mother at the singer.

A video captured the moment with the star's reaction to the incident. The footage was shared on Instagram (to see it, scroll to the end of the page).

Pink performed at the British Summer Time Hyde Park festival. When the singer was performing one of her hits called Just like a pill, a strange object flew into her. As we noted above, it was a baggie of small size. The artist picked it up and read the inscription, which reported that the filling of the container were the ashes of a deceased woman, namely the mother of one of the star's fans.


Pink looked extremely confused, but still asked again: "Is that really your mother?"

Upon hearing the affirmative answer, the singer added: "I don't even know how to respond to that."

But like a true professional, Pink pulled herself together and continued to perform.


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