Famous producer criticizes Brezhnieva and advises her to use pseudonym Vira Halushka

Yasynskyi advised Brezhnieva to perform under her own name

Ukrainian producer Mykhailo Yasynskyi believes that under her real name Vira Halushka, singer Vira Brezhnieva, who has long lived in Russia, can build a successful career in Ukraine. In particular, he added that she lacks creativity in her work.

The producer said this on Slava Diomin's YouTube channel. He believes that the pseudonym "Vira Halushka" sounds interesting and provocative. Under the current name "Vira," the creative future is unlikely to be good.

"Is there a future there? I think there is. But, in my opinion, it needs more creativity. If it were Vira Halushka, it would be provocative. That's why I believe in Vira Halushka's future. Maybe even a musical one. But the way it is now, you can't make a future like that," Yasynskyi explained.

Yasynskyi also believes that the singer has all the capabilities and personal qualities to build a successful career in Ukraine after returning from Russia. To do this, she needs to find a songwriter who will create the same songs as her ex-husband Konstantin Meladze..

"It all depends on the songs. That's the main thing. And who will write her songs now is still a question decause before, they were created by Meladze, the ex-husband. It will be very difficult for a future hit songwriter for Vira Halushka to compete with such a composer," the producer commented.

Famous producer criticizes Brezhnieva and advises her to use pseudonym Vira Halushka

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