A cockroach on the carpet, a pregnant Rihanna being late, and Cardi B.'s cheating dress: the top 4 embarrassments at the Met Gala that will be discussed all year long

The Met Gala night was memorable with embarrassments

No matter how many months of preparation for the Met Gala fashion event lasts, and no matter what insider information about the stars' costumes the media "leaks", this event annually surprises with embarrassing and unexpected performances, which are discussed until the next year. Met Gala-2023 was no exception to the rule, so watching the traditional photoshoot on the red carpet, fans, paparazzi and celebrity guests experienced surprise, excitement and even disgust.

OBOZREVATEL decided to tell about four embarrassing moments that the network remembered the most this year. Most of the culprits were the stars themselves, and sometimes - circumstances that no one could have foreseen (to see the photos, scroll to the end of the page).


In the middle of a fashion parade of the world's celebrities, a large cockroach was seen climbing toward the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute. The crowd immediately began to shout, but not with a call to kill the insect, but with a request to photograph it. It was said and done. Now there is a photo of the cockroach on the Met Gala-2023 track.

Pregnant Rihanna decided to take her time

There are a few Met Gala "rules" that are repeated from year to year. For example, singer Rihanna is in no hurry for the evening, so she comes out to the photographers last, and sometimes she has to wait even longer. And so it was this time. The American community watched with anticipation as the star with her young son and husband arrived at the hotel, where she was going to the social evening. After the preparations, she did go to the Met Gala, but it took much longer than expected to get there.


Cardi B's "cheating" dress

Rap legend Cardi B. fooled all the fans of the fashion show before she even got there. Usually stars are followed from the very exit of the hotel, where the artist walked out in a delicate pink carnival dress. The outfit was so luxurious that there was no doubt that she would wear it at the Met Gala. How surprised the media and viewers were when she walked the red carpet in a different look.


Teyana Taylor

Bright outfits are often uncomfortable, and sometimes long plumes and high heels even interfere with free movement. Thus, singer Teyana Taylor, though incredible looking in photos, got a lot of funny videos from the red carpet. The performer was jumping up and down the stairs with the help of those around her, which looked quite embarrassing.

Previously, OBOZREVATEL wrote about the images of stars at the Met Gala-2023, causing a controversial reaction. The evening was dedicated to the work of the late German "fashion king" Karl Lagerfeld, so some celebrities had an original approach to creating an outfit.

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