A 13-year-old Ukrainian girl refused to perform at a prestigious festival because of participants from Russia: I will not sing on the same stage with terrorists

Sofia Samolyuk refused to perform at the Sanremo Junior festival because of the Russians

The young Ukrainian singer Sofia Samolyuk refused to perform at the international festival Sanremo Junior 2023, which takes place in Italy, because the Russians were allowed to participate. The 13-year-old vocalist came out to the audience, but instead of singing she made a powerful speech about her unwillingness to share the stage with representatives of a terrorist country.

Video of the scene circulated in social networks. According to Hromadske, the organizers announced the participation of performers from Russia a few hours before the start of the competition.

However, Sofia was not confused. Her firm and conscious attitude, despite her young age, was stronger than her desire to show her talent at the prestigious festival.

"I will not sing on the same stage with Russian terrorists who kill Ukrainian children. I hope next year there will not be a terrorist country on this stage. Please support Ukraine," the 13-year-old patriot said from the stage.


It is worth noting that Sanremo Junior is held under the auspices of the international organization UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund, whose main purpose is to protect the rights and interests of children. The fact that Russia was admitted to the competition can be called absurd, because this country during the full-scale war has killed about 500 little Ukrainians, thousands were seriously injured, left orphans or without a roof over their heads.

We should add that Sofia Samolyuk is a 13-year-old singer from Kiev, who in 2021 won the famous Ukrainian festival "Black Sea Games" in Skadovsk, and in 2022 won the grand prize at the United Kids in Bulgaria.


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