5 celebrities who were born in the outback but conquered the world. Photo.

Stars born in the hinterland have achieved success

The place of birth can undoubtedly influence people's lives, but it does not determine who they should be. Stars who grew up in the hinterland proved this to the whole world by conquering it.

Such celebrities are admired because it is much more difficult to achieve success when you live far from megacities, film studios and big stages. OBOZREVATEL will tell you about 5 stars who have proved that talents are born far beyond the borders of big cities (to see photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Megan Fox

Hollywood sex symbol Megan Fox was born in the small town of Oak Ridge, with a population of less than 30,000 people. There were no prospects of becoming famous in such a place, but the talented girl managed to conquer TV with her dancing. Later, she was noticed in Hollywood.


Taylor Swift

Today, Swift's songs can be heard all over the world, but she began to develop her talent on a farm in a small town in Wyoming, where about 10,000 other people lived. Her path to success began at local venues, and within a few years she was conquering the biggest stages in America.


Demi Moore

World-famous actress Demi Moore is even grateful to her hometown. She believes that small Roswell, with its mystical legend of aliens, has hardened her character. In the colourful and somewhat unfriendly town, she learned to overcome adversity, be strong and not be afraid of difficulties.


Charlize Theron

The Devil's Advocate star was born far from Hollywood in the South African town of Benoni. The actress's childhood in the wilderness later influenced her desire to become an animal rights activist.



Singer Pink grew up in the small town of Doylestown, Pennsylvania. It was then that she received the nickname "Pink" given to her by her classmates. The artist was shy and often blushed.


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