4 shades of lipstick that are forbidden after 40: ageing and accentuating imperfections. Photo.

Some lipstick shades to avoid in adulthood

Make-up is a very troublesome task when age-related changes on the face become apparent. In order not to emphasise wrinkles and age spots, you need to choose the colour of your lipstick carefully.

In particular, avoid 4 shades that will add years and accentuate imperfections. OBOZREVATEL decided to show why they look bad on the lips of women over 40 (to see the photo, scroll to the bottom of the page).


A bright carrot shade is not suitable for women over 40, because such an ambiguous tone requires perfect skin without spots and noticeable veins. In addition, a warm shade of lipstick can play a bad joke with your teeth, visually making them look yellow.



With age, lips lose colour, so they need to be emphasised, not made even more invisible. Beige lipsticks seem to "erase" the lips altogether, turning the face into a pale mask.


Pink mother of pearl

Lipsticks with shiny particles are taboo for women over 40. They will accentuate all wrinkles, and the anti-trend colour will add extra years.


Pink fuchsia

It is better to leave bold experiments to young girls and save them for themed photo shoots. In ordinary life, such an acidic shade will give off a cheapness, a desire to attract attention and distract from flaws on ladies of respectable age.


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