Ukrainian-made ice cream "Leningradske" discovered in Israel: "Rud" responds to the accusations

Rud ice cream with Soviet naming discovered in Israel
Rud ice cream with Soviet naming discovered in Israel

In May 2023, Ukrainians in Israel noticed Leningradske ice cream produced by the Ukrainian company Rud on store shelves. People were outraged by the Soviet naming during a full-scale war. "Rud assures that this brand is no longer used, and the remnants of previous batches were found on sale. But online users have already refuted this claim.

"We went to the store to buy Ukrainian ice cream, and there's Rud selling it at the Ukrainian stand," wrote a Twitter user under the name mashkee on 14 May. She also posted a photo of an ice cream called Leningradske with the Ukrainian manufacturer's logo on the packaging:

Leningradske ice cream by Rud

The same user recorded a video of ice cream in the fridge of an Israeli store on May 15. A scan of the barcode shows that the product was made in Ukraine.

Other social media users responded by posting that they had seen this ice cream before. In particular, in March 2023.

"Leningradske ice cream. The former resident of Zhytomyr, who lives in Israel, is very ashamed," DimSel007 said. He also clarified that the packaging clearly states that the ice cream was made in Zhytomyr.

Packaging of Leningradske ice cream

On May 15, the Company clarified the situation with the sale of ice cream in Israel. The statement said that "long before the war started", Zhytomyr Butter Plant entered into an agreement with an Israeli counterparty to produce and sell ice cream on a private label basis.

"That is, the manufacturer undertook a contractual obligation to produce ice cream for a foreign customer according to its recipes and under its trademarks. Among the ordered items belonging to the non-resident DILER B.M.D.INTERNATIONAL LTD was TM Leningradske," the statement said.

In accordance with the agreement, the manufacturer's brand was placed on the product packaging alongside the customer's trademark. Leningradske ice cream was produced exclusively for the Israeli market.

"With the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, we refused to fulfil the contract in terms of producing ice cream under the Leningradske brand. The production of this ice cream has been stopped. The photos and videos of these products circulated on the Internet indicate that there may be some discontinued products in Israeli chains," said the representatives of Rud.

Rud's statement on Leningradske ice cream

However, users on social media point out that the ice cream they bought was produced after the start of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine. This is evidenced by the information on the product packaging. The company has not yet responded to this fact.

Date of production of Leningradske ice cream

As OBOZREVATEL reported earlier, Ukraine fined the manufacturer of Khreshchatyk, Kashtan and other ice cream brands UAH 1.37 million. The inspection found that Khladoprom Ice Cream Factory LLC had indicated false information about the composition of the ice cream on its packaging.

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