Ukraine is working to reopen civilian flights: French minister says

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Beaune says Ukraine is preparing to reopen civilian flights
Beaune says Ukraine is preparing to reopen civilian flights

Ukraine is "working hard" to open its airspace to civilian aircraft. Currently, our citizens are practicing on simulators in France, and during the talks in Kyiv, the two countries agreed to expand this cooperation.

This was stated by French Transport Minister Clément Beaune in an interview with European Pravda. He added that he had discussed this issue in Kyiv, and France had received a request from Ukraine.

Ukrainian pilots are trained on simulators and in special schools in Toulouse, where the entire French aviation infrastructure is located. The country agreed to expand this assistance.

"I hope the moment when civil aviation flights resume over Ukraine will come as soon as possible. And if aviators do not have practice, they will not be allowed to resume work immediately due to safety rules. That is why we are helping Ukraine prepare for the moment when your airspace will be fully or partially opened. It is not my place to decide when this will happen, but as I understand it, Ukraine already has certain considerations for this opening, and Kyiv is working hard on it. But, of course, the main issue is still security," said Beaune.

The French minister also expressed his readiness to provide training to Ukrainian maritime specialists.

Earlier, Minister of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov said that passenger flights in Ukraine would be resumed as soon as the security situation is resolved. For this purpose, aviation personnel are in the country, and the proper state of the infrastructure is being maintained. In addition, European integration processes continue.

"It (the fund - Ed.) is aimed at supporting Ukraine's national air navigation service provider and the State Aviation Administration. Today ( April 25 - Ed.), a new tranche from partners has already come in," Kubrakov said.

As previously reported by OBOZREVATEL, Ryanair has named a specific timeframe for the resumption of operations in Ukraine. It is about 2 weeks after flights to the country become safe again.

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