Strokes on Putin's war machine: EU agrees on 11th sanctions package against Russia

EU to introduce another package of sanctions against Russia
EU to introduce another package of sanctions against Russia

On June 21, European Union (EU) ambassadors agreed on the 11th package of sanctions against Russia. It includes measures aimed at countering the circumvention of sanctions, as well as personal sanctions.

This was announced by the head of the European Commission (EC), Ursula von der Leyen. According to her, the Kremlin faces tougher trade restrictions by closing the loopholes to bypass sanctions.

"I welcome the political agreement on our 11th sanctions package. It will deal another blow to Putin's war machine by tightening export restrictions against organizations that support the Kremlin. Our sanctions circumvention tool will prevent Russia from getting its hands on sanctioned goods," she said.

Von der Leyen reported a month ago on the priorities of the 11th package of sanctions against Russia. At that time, the list, which may have changed since then, included:

  • сlarifying existing European sanctions;
  • adding "more products" to the list of banned for transit;
  • introducing new tools to combat the circumvention of sanctions;
  • preventing the work of "shady" organizations from Russia and third countries that circumvent sanctions.

Earlier, agreements on the 11th package of sanctions against Russia were blocked by Hungary and Greece. They demanded that their companies be removed from the international list of war sponsors, where they had been included by Ukraine.

However, Greece's Peninsula Petroleum was indeed removed from the list of sponsors of the war. The company provided the NACP with a letter in which it confirmed the severance of all economic ties with Russia.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, meanwhile, the United States Senate introduced a bill on the confiscation and transfer of Russian assets to Ukraine as reparations. We are talking about the confiscation of assets from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, and other sovereign assets of this country.

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